Over 15 years of professional game development experience including 10 years of specialization in visual effects as well as animation and environment art.

Experience with Unreal Engine, Unity, multiple proprietary game engines, VFX pipeline development, 3DS Max, and FumeFX.

Extensive experience as team lead including production responsibilities, scheduling, team management, maintaining performance and memory budgets, and mentoring.

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Work History

Senior FX Artist - Bungie - 4/2013 to present
Senior FX Artist - Destiny - Activision Blizzard- Release 2014
Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3
FX artist embedded on the SpecOps team. Responsible for creating VFX on unique SpecOps moments, such as Public Events, with cinematic style VFX during live gameplay. Utilizing custom shaders, meshes, particles, and proprietary authoring system to create visually striking, memorable moments for the player.

Lead VFX Artist - TimeGate Studios - 3/2010 to 3/2013
Lead VFX Artist - Minimum - Unpublished
Responsible for creating and directing ambient, combat, and cinematic VFX for this stylized third person shooter. Extensive daily work on unique, stylized VFX with emphasis on custom shader creation within Unreal engine.

Lead VFX Artist - Aliens: Colonial Marines - Sega - Release 2013
Xbox360, PS3, PC
Responsible for creating and directing ambient and combat VFX within TimeGate Studios for pre-release content such as E3 demos. Daily work on effects such as flamethrower, bullet impacts, blood, explosions and cinematic effects including particle, shader and texture creation. Extensive troubleshooting and performance/memory optimization for console SKUs.

Lead VFX Artist - Section 8: Prejudice - Release 2011
Xbox360, PS3, PC
Responsible for developing new VFX styles with high production values, managing memory and performance on a project already in production with a highly organized and professional development team. Hands-on day-to-day VFX production in Unreal 3, as well as scheduling and managing other VFX artists.

Lead VFX Artist - Collective/Double Helix - 2/2003 to 3/2010
Lead VFX Artist - Front Mission Evolved - Square Enix- Release 2010
Xbox360, PS3, PC
Responsible for managing and scheduling VFX team of five under very tight deadlines. Established and guided overall look of effects including explosions, environment VFX, screen effects and weapons fire. Designed or assisted in design of data organization and developer interface for several data driven systems including projectiles, weapons, character destructions, environment destructibles and screen effects.

Lead VFX Artist - Silent Hill Homecoming - Konami - Release 2008
Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Responsible for managing and scheduling VFX team as well as conception and implementation of “hell transitions”. Created and guided visual effects look throughout the title including requisite Silent Hill fog, extensive blood, screen effects, and HDR implementation. Guided the visual effects tools and pipeline transition into current generation game technology.

Lead VFX Artist - Da Vinci Code - 2K Games - Release 2006
Xbox, PS2, PC
Responsible for managing and scheduling VFX team and created the majority of the effects for this short schedule movie tie-in title. Integrated in-game cinematics and FMVs

VFX/Technical Artist - Marc Ecko's Getting Up - Atari - Release 2005
Xbox, PS2, PC
Responsible for creating visual effects including weather effects, unique graffiti application effects, and collaborated on technical implementation of graffiti system. Integrated in-game cinematics and FMVs and managed integration of all of the thousands of graffiti pieces into the title.

VFX Artist - Wrath:Unleashed - Lucas Arts - Release 2004
Xbox, PS2
Responsible for creating visual effects including dozens of unique magic spells, environment effects and character effects. Helped guide and implement new company-wide visual effects technology and pipeline and established visual effects tracking, organizational structure, and documentation.

Producer/Lead Artist – Codefire – 1/2001 to 2/2003
Producer/Lead Artist - Zeta Quadrant - Microsoft - Unpublished
Responsible for managing and scheduling of team, working directly with Microsoft Advanced Technology Group to develop the first multiplayer client/server game for testing Xbox Live before XBL rollout. Creating and maintaining the art pipeline (including MAXscripts) and guiding the look of the game.

VFX Artist - Magic the Gathering - Unpublished
Xbox, PC
Created nearly all of the effects in this 3D arena magic combat game. Responsible for developing the art pipeline for a new Xbox and PC compatible engine.

Lead Artist – Realtime Associates – 12/1999 to 1/2001
Lead Artist - Casper-Friends Around the World - Sound Source - Release 2000
Responsible for directing and assigning tasks to the artists. Maintained art pipeline and helped develop and document scripting language. Modeled and animated environments and animated in-game main character with CS and radical morph targets.

3D Artist - The Land Before Time - Sound Source - Release 2000
Modeled Environments

3D Artist - Sesame Street Games - NewKidCo - Release 2001
Modeled Environments

Lead Animator – Engineering Animation (EAI) – 4/1998 to 11/1999
Lead Animator - Scooby Doo:Mystery of the Fun Park Phantom - Southpeak Int. - Release 1999
Responsible for scheduling and managing animators. Created keyframe animations for many characters in the game and teaching rigging and animation techniques.

Lead NPC Animator - Legend of the Five Rings:Ronin - Unpublished
Created keyframe animations and edited motion capture for most NPC creatures in the game.

3D Animator – Freelance – 12/1994 to 4/1998
Architectural Visualization, interactive CDs.

Contributing Author - New Riders Publishing – 1997
Inside 3D Studio Max, Vol. III, published 1997

Instructor – ITT Technical Institute – 3/1992 to 9/1998
3D Studio MAX, 3D Studio, AutoCAD, Math, Physics, etc.


BAS – Industrial Design, 1995 - ITT Technical Institute
AAS – Computer-Aided Drafting, 1990 - ITT Technical Institute